What My Brain Has Taught Me: A Teaching Memoir of Survival

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What My Brain Has Taught Me is a teaching memoir of hopeful service for those living with and through brain tumors, surgery, and/or injuries as well as for those who love and care for them.


It is about staying fully alive in body, mind, heart, and soul, realizing the gift you have been given living with and through a brain tumor, surgery, or injury as you accept and appreciate the Blessing you are. It is brimming with soulful wisdom and heartfelt humor.

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7 reviews for What My Brain Has Taught Me: A Teaching Memoir of Survival

  1. Linda Dillon

    The book is labeled as a teaching memoir, but it is so much more. Not only is it a touching tribute to family and loved ones who gathered around the author during these difficult days, but it is also a memoir of how to survive by calling on faith and a bit of humor to navigate the medical crises faced by Regina. I hope that this title will appeal not only to medical personnel but also to anyone facing a medical crisis for themselves or a loved one. I highly recommend it.

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  2. Daphany

    Wonderful true story about life’s journey with a brain tumor. Cleverly written and kept me turning the pages for what was next to come. I laughed, I cried, I was inspired.

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  3. Ken Kizer

    It’s wonderful to see a book on such a serious matter written with such love and humor. Her story can be an inspiration to others facing the same kind of uncertainly to not lose faith. That matters, because faith is all we really have.

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  4. Denyce Finch

    Beautifully written, words flow like music!
    Why would I want to read a book about brain tumors? It’s not just for people with tumors! It’s a sweet, funny, heart melting, terrifying, and crazy story of survival and love. Regina pours out her personal journey and it resonates with life in general. Loved it! No stumbling over awkward sentences and my mind drifting away. I especially love the “Part 2” section, it reminded me of the Tao Te Ching. Kenny said, “Bliss is your new normal and ordinary is good”, but this book is far from ordinary. Well done!

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  5. Nancy Kelly

    What a joy to read this informative, yet personal, book. I could hardly put it down, as I traveled with her through her journey. Who would have thought a book on this subject would be so uplifting! I love her honesty and willingness to be vulnerable as she shares her story. I am impressed with how she found her way through this time with a combination of courage and humor, trepidation and faith, and how she encourages others on a similar path. I highly recommend this book to anyone facing a serious medical diagnosis.

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  6. Rosemary Rest

    Rev. Regina Cross has written a book that is a gift to those who have experienced brain trauma, those who love them, and anyone who longs for a deeper understanding of the personal journey experienced by someone with a brain tumor. That a portion of the proceeds supports the American Brain Tumor Association is a big part of the gift.

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  7. Randy Gibson

    When Regina approached me about helping with this project I was so very honored. As I read and edited the book, I couldn’t put it down and stop reading. There were times I laughed and cried at the same time. Having gotten to know Regina personally it has made this book even more precious to me. It is uplifting for anyone going through any type of life struggle. Would highly recommend to all.

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