My Beautiful Brain

October 19, 2020 I had a follow-up baseline Brain MRI with contrast.
That date was the 31st year Anniversary of my very first MRI experience
which found the first big ol’ tumor.

October 28, we had an appointment with my new Neurosurgeon, who I will never need in that capacity Because…. Wait for it….
As he entered the room he stated, “There’s nothing in there.”

My reaction, “What! What do you mean there’s nothing in there? There’s a beautiful brain in there!”

Through his laughter he said,

“Let me rephrase that. The brain tumors are GONE.”

“What!?! Show me!!!!” He did and they are! His report stated,

“….there is certainly no new finding in her brain, and no other treatment is needed.”

This is miracle stuff! They are GONE! Following 17 years after my craniotomy, they were found during an MRI.

Now after 15 years since the second diagnosis in late 2006 and Gamma Knife Surgery in 2007, they are GONE!

Yes, the one was gone before seven years after my craniotomy and that too was miracle stuff.

Then 17 years later again rocking my world two appear.

Now, today, I could sit in that fearful anxiety saying things like,

“It’s only two years away from before.”

Or, perpetually I could marinade in the possibility of what, right now, does not exist but what if it does in the future.

Instead, I choose to live in the bliss of miracle stuff. Not until…..as there may never be an until.