Rev. Regina Maria Bernadette Cross, MS​

Regina Maria Bernadette Suraci was born and raised in Washington, D.C. during the evolutionary era of the 1950’s and 60’s. During the 1950’s D.C. seemed like a small town filled with wonder and the beauty of Rock Creek Park. The 1960’s presented itself with the growing up of race relations and unrest as she grew into her own years of awakening. Her Dad, Dr. Alfred John Suraci, was a Reconstructive Surgeon, and her Mother was a Nurse in her early career before becoming Mom-Mom-Mom par excellence of seven hatchlings with a fourteen-year age range.

From the mid-60’s through the mid-80’s after graduating with Honors from Laboratory Institute of Merchandising in NYC Regina Maria enjoyed a successful fashion career in the various aspects of clothing to home environment up front and behind the scenes as a fashion designer, sales manager, buyer, creator of visual presentation, merchandise director, and store manager in New York City, Washington D.C. & Annapolis, Maryland. She still enjoys her daily fashion show playtime stating, “You learn a great deal about a person before they speak their first word entering a room by the way they present themselves.”

One day she realized how tiring the thought process of things was as her desire to help humanity grew within her. She went back to school for her Human Services Degree where she re-met her Beloved Twin-Flame Kenny Cross in 1977. After a near four-year flourishing courtship they married in 1981.

In the meantime getting her feet wet in the healing field from 1977 – 1983 she interned as an Instructor at Providence Center in Arnold, Maryland. PC was a educational work environment for the physically and mentally challenged. She wrote and administered PPO’s (Personal Program Plans) after developing curriculum on all levels of living. She and her clients were highly aware of their dancing roles as teacher and students alike.

Having a profound desire to create an upbeat and encouraging environment of health and healing she began her own business. From 1983 – 1989 Regina Maria was Founder and Owner of The Last Resort & Fitness First. During this time, she also enjoyed teaching as a Physical Education Instructor at Anne Arundel Community College and Anne Arundel County Park and Recreation. All together she taught & choreographed dance (ballet, jazz, aerobic) for accredited and non- credit courses, group classes as well as private training in toning, weightlifting, weight loss, and nutrition counseling. Regina Maria co-created the Exercise Physiologist Accreditation Program at AAAC. During this time period (1986 – 1989) she was also a Chiropractic Assistant to Dr. Spencer Olson, DC. Together they built the doctor’s new practice as she directed office management and personnel, assisted with patient P.T. and education. She also assisted in designing the new office space for the practice as they built from dragging in 25 patients/week to assisting a minimum of 25 patients/day.

Life changed drastically on October 19, 1989 during the last examine after seven years of “baby questing” test and surgeries and five years of excruciating “head pain” along with other symptoms, when she was diagnosed with a right temporal lobe meningioma brain tumor. With a low percentage of probability Regina Maria survived a craniotomy brain surgery November 16, 1989 always with her hero Kenny by her side every moment, every walk of the way since diagnosis, prior to, during surgery and recovery. Years of recovery and life-changing experiences followed, including the continuation of another five years of “baby questing” during which she and her Beloved experienced the highest Divine joys and the lowest heart-wrenching grief.

In June 1999 she entered Sancta Sophia Seminary in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Rev. Regina Maria Cross is an Ecumenical Minister Ordained through Light of Christ Community Church with a Degree in Esoteric Christian Education and Ecumenical Studies (2004) and a Masters in Spirituality (2012) from Sancta Sophia Seminary. She continues her Ministry in Good Standing through International Council of Community Churches, ICCC.

Between her Ordination and her Master’s studies she was once again diagnosed with two more meningiomas. This time she was cared for through the experience of Gamma Knife Surgery. Regina Maria is a grateful member of The American Brain Tumor Association as her purpose on the path has been directed toward facilitating her own healing and spiritual unfoldment as well as those ready and open to do their work leading to their individual as well as soul purpose in life.

For fourteen years (1998 – 2012) Regina Maria was Founder and Spiritual Director of Light Paths * Centre For The Healing Arts, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Light Paths was a non- profit organization dedicated to individual enlightenment and world service one student at a time through individual as well as group study. Incorporated into Light Paths * Centre For The Healing Arts, she also held the positions of Director and Certified Teacher for The Sophia School of Wisdom, an accredited outreach center for Sancta Sophia Seminary. For four years she was a Board of Trustee Member at Large for Light of Christ Community Church in Oklahoma.

Regina Maria is a passionate teacher of esoteric spirituality known for her direct yet humorous temperament. Her writing, teaching and counseling style has been referred to as “The Ninja Angel, Gently Direct”. Her classes, lectures, workshops, seminars and retreats are heart and soul enhancing in that the knowledge shared validates her claim, “I am here only to help you remember what you already know.” As one student put it, “That was more than a class, that was an experience” and as a workshop participant was overheard saying, “For someone so little, she sure is big”.

Early in life, specifically at the age of three, Regina Maria knew she was seeing that which might not be noticeable through the naked eye. Regina Maria is known as an empathic-sensitive, one who is able to communicate with the seen and unseen be they from the Angelic – Devic, Animal, Human, or Spirit Kingdoms. Her work in this realm has penetrated into both the medical as well as the law enforcement fields. She is up front about being called special when she states, “We all are as each of us is born with special gifts. It is our way of thanking God when we use them honoring the needs of others.”

Regina Maria is a Certified Traditional Reiki Master-Teacher in The Usui System of Natural Healing, and a Certified Breath Practitioner in Rebirthing both since 1996 as well as Certified Practitioner in Psychography since 2001.

Regina Maria is a published writer having a monthly column, “Just A Thought” for four years in The Record Observer, a newspaper on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Many decades ago, she began her writing career as co-founder of the popular Annapolis, Maryland and surrounding areas magazine, Precise.

Regina Maria’s “Essentially Significant Number One Focus” is her “Fam”, her beloved Kenny, being blessed and grateful for his everyday presence sharing life with their pups, Cozy and Neo. Second Number One Focus is her love of writing one book at a time for the healing of humanity. Regina Maria is living well, joyful and whole with two sleeping right temporal lobe meningiomas. Shhhhhhhhh….No waking!